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    B2B SaaS Google Ads Stats & Benchmarks for 2024

    Last updated: March 25th, 2024

    With 2024 unfolding, it’s time to look at some B2B Google ads benchmarks that will define success in the B2B SaaS space. These key stats will also help you demonstrate the value of your campaigns to marketing leadership so you can secure that extra marketing budget.

    Let’s start with some statistics to encourage investment in PPC campaigns.

    Why Invest in PPC?

    Here are the most compelling statistics that can support your case.

    Why Google Ads Is The Place to Advertise

    Now, let’s go over some stats that explain why investing in Google Ads specifically is a good idea.

    What 2024 Will Bring for Google Ads

    The digital advertising space will continue to evolve and keep marketers on their toes in 2024. The forecast looks good, so here are some Google Ads stats and predictions that prove it.

    B2B Google Ads Benchmarks to Work By

    The average B2B Google Ads benchmarks to base your KPIs around will vary significantly depending on your specific industry. However, here’s a generalized starting point to give you an idea.

    Note: These are statistics for B2B in general. If you would like to learn more about the benchmark results we see for a B2B SaaS like yours, reach out for your Free Marketing Plan.

    Expert Advice to Scale Your Google Ads Campaigns

    A common mistake SaaS businesses make with Google Ads is bidding only on high-intent, bottom-of-the-funnel keywords in the Google Search Network. This approach targets a very narrow audience and limits reach.

    What Do We Recommend?

    At Powered by Search, we’ve helped many B2B SaaS clients who were having trouble scaling their SaaS Google Ads campaigns. These are our top recommendations:

    • Target in-market and custom intent: Use Google’s highly advanced algorithm to target users who’ve displayed behaviors indicating they are ready to make a purchase (in-market) or customize your audience segments based on a particular behavior, tools they use, or the types of websites they visit.
    • Brand consideration intent: Bid on keywords that include your brand name to capture the attention of those at the top of the funnel going about buyer research. This is often considered low-hanging fruit but it’s overlooked in favor of high-intent keywords.
    • Brand vs. competitor intent: Leads at the middle of the funnel are actively researching your product and comparing it to their other shortlisted options. By creating direct competitor comparison landing pages, you provide the answers users are looking for and gain control of the messaging.
    • Remarket ads: Segment and retarget users who have clicked on your ad but didn’t make a purchase. These users are likely to convert, making them highly valuable.
    • Utilize the Google Display Network: Many marketers believe the GDN is too broad, however, since it reaches the eyes of over 90% of internet users, it’s too valuable to ignore. The most effective use of the GDN is with management ad placements. This allows you to be more strategic and choose which websites your ads will display on. It’s a very useful tactic to generate new leads and brand awareness.
    • Using target account lists: Google’s “customer match” feature enables you to target users that match the characteristics or behaviors of those on your existing contact list. This means you can streamline your advertising and only show ads to high-value users. The more customer data you have to feed into it, the better it will work.

    You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

    We’ve shown some pretty compelling Google Ads stats to encourage you to invest in PPC. PPC can be a really beneficial option for businesses of all sizes, and you don’t even have to manage the campaign yourself. There is always the option to hire a B2B SaaS PPC agency.

    Get in touch with us today so we can discuss how to develop and manage your next PPC campaign.

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