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Nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing our clients succeed day in and day out. Find out what they have to say about the high level of professionalism, expertise, and return on investment we bring to the table.

“The Powered by Search team went Above the Call of Duty”

Mark Wright at Firmex

Before working with Powered by Search, our Google Adwords program was in need of improvement. Our Cost per Conversion was high and we had a poor Quality Score which impacted our average cost per click and our ability to show up for buyer keyword searches. The team at Powered by Search worked on a comprehensive Paid Search audit and included top recommendations which reduced our Cost per Conversion, and increased our Quality Score. The team went above the call of duty and helped us implement hundreds of tightly themed and custom written ads. Working with Powered by Search has been a solid WIN for Firmex.

“Our first ever Infographic earned 15,000 editorially acquired inbound links.”

Edward Stephens at Firmex

Powered by Search worked with us on SEO consulting and best practices over a 22 week period, accompanied by weekly touch points covering on-page SEO recommendations, link development, social media signals, and content marketing. They exceeded our expectations by suggesting we create our first ever Infographic, which then went on to earn 15,000 editorially acquired inbound links and also reached over 50,000 users on various social media platforms. As a result of our combined efforts, we increased our search results on Google US and Canada. Working with Powered by Search was invaluable in our efforts to set up a strong search program.

“Powered by Search exceeded our expectations at Kijiji Canada.”

Ryan Thompson at eBay Canada

We brought Dev Basu in to one of our sales off-sites to talk SEO with some new hires.  He brought some big energy into the room and was able to breakdown even the most technical issues into what I refer to as “plain speak”.  He was very organized, prepared, and entertaining.  Dev exceeded my expectations.  Would recommend him to any business looking to invest in SEO.

“We saw a 32% inrease in traffic within a week of implementing the recommendations.”

Rachel Rath at Canada's Walk of Fame

“Dev and his team have provided Canada’s Walk of Fame with some fantastic insights into improving our SEO implementation and processes. After conducting a thorough and extensive audit of the Canada’s Walk of Fame site and digital assets, Powered by Search provided us with suggested areas of improvement for SEO, as well as advice on how we can best implement these recommendations. Within a week of making the recommended changes we saw a 32% increase in traffic to our website and an increase in followers on our social media profiles. Thanks again to Dev and his team for their wonderful service. ”

“625% increase in conversions...real, new customer acquisitions”

Aaron Mullally at Public Storage Canada

We needed an agency that could act as an extension of our own marketing team, that understood what drove our ROI and how to capture that potential online.  Equally important, we needed a team that could translate the specialization of their craft on our terms – how we understand and define success relating to the online channel.  And when explanations get too technical or complicated, we needed a team that could decode those ever-changing and arcane nuances of SEO in plain simple language, saving us the time and added research to do so on our own behalf. That is exactly what we found in Powered by Search.  They educated us on the marketing funnel as it relates to the online channel, and the impact that website usability and architecture had on our ability to rank in the search engines.  By getting into the mind of our business they helped us understand that with over 50 locations across the country our customers were searching for us locally, and that’s where we needed to be found.

Powered by Search completely redesigned and developed our website to optimize for these regions. With emphasis on usability, and search engine friendliness, the result has been a rejuvenated website which has experienced an average increase in traffic in the triple digits  Their subsequent SEO and marketing efforts in the following year resulted in a further increase in non-paid search traffic of 30% over their work in the first year. We now rank on the first page for all of our self storage keywords and the top 3 organic positions for more than 3/4 of them.  Better still, Powered by Search helped grow our on-site conversion rate from 1.2% to 7.5%, a sixfold increase which has translated to real, new customer acquisition.

A defining difference for us has been the service level we get from Powered by Search.  Many service businesses fall victim to providing deteriorating service levels after new accounts are won. My experience with this firm has been the opposite.  Project turn-around times have improved; creativity of solutions provided have improved; and a willingness to adapt and work with changing priorities in our business has been helpful.  The capability, maturity and truly responsive service we get right down to our account manager, Marc, set this team apart from many creative agencies, not just online marketing firms.  In many respects relating to both their talent in the craft and service levels provided, working with Powered by Search has been a great change for our company.


“Significant improvement in all performance metrics”

Stacey Morton at Silverbirch Hotels & Resorts

SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts has been working with Powered by Search since August 2011.  In the past nine months we have seen significant improvement in all performance metrics on our website. Traffic for our portfolio of 15+ hotels is up as much as 80% on some sites and key word rankings are up across all our websites with dramatic moves from position #52 to #2 on one site! My account manager Vlad goes above and beyond his role and provides insightful reports, recommendations and suggestions. Powered by Search has become an invaluable partner for us.  I highly recommend them to any organization that needs professional, results-oriented management of SEO and PPC campaigns.

“By far the best one we've found”

Julie Greenberg at David Greenberg Law

Dev and his team are amazing.  They are incredibly responsive and knowledgeable about what’s happening with current SEO trends.  We’ve used them for both Google Local as well as organic and have had great results.  They are trustworthy SEO professionals who use white hat techniques to get top placement. We’ve tried other SEO firms out there and PoweredbySearch is by far the best one we’ve found.

“Very knowledgeable and outstanding to work with”

Kim Kennedy at Vacation Broken Bow Lake

We selected Powered By Search to be our SEO partner after conducting extensive interviews with many of top SEO firms throughout the US and Canada.  I couldn’t be more pleased with that decision and the results that we have experienced since then.  Dev and his team are very, very knowledgeable and outstanding to work with.  They have dug deep into our business marketing, operational processes and IT infrastructure to create a truly synchronized partnership.  Additionally, the quality of the analysis and the reports that they provide are just outstanding. If you are looking to increase your site traffic with a company that cares about your long term success, then I would call Powered By Search immediately!

“Great advice every step of the way and excellent results”

Dr. Joe Bulger, DDS at Royal York Dental

The SEO game has become increasingly complicated for a do-it-yourselfer-after-being-burned-by-SEO-pretenders like me. I’m happy to say that Dev and team at Powered by Search are the real deal. Great advice every step of the way, and excellent results. What’s been most amazing is our rapid ascent in website rankings on multiple search terms. In less than 6 months, we’ve caught up to competitors who’ve had a 2-3 year head start. When Google’s Panda update reshuffled page rankings, my site just kept surging to the top.

“Dramatic increase in organic traffic and lead conversion”

David Brown, Executive Vice President at REMAX Promotions Inc.

We are pleased to give a solid reference for Dev and his team at Powered by Search. They have lead our SEO strategy and happily worked within the budgets we have given them, consistently proving great value. Powered by Search started by consulting on making our site SEO friendly but has evolved to managing our comprehensive search and social media marketing strategy. We have tested their experience against top consultants in the US and feel very comfortable in recommending them.

Dev Basu and his team are proven top SEO professionals without the overhead of some other SEO companies. We have had dramatic increases in organic traffic and lead conversion coming from long tail search. Powered by Search also does work with many of our agents and has pleased them all with their performance.

“Insightful responses that clearly show these people love what they do”

George Zarogiannis at Ecopainting Inc.

After researching a few options about hiring an SEO and PPC company, we decided to hire Powered by Search. Their team was extremely helpful in educating us about SEO and inspired confidence. All our questions were answered clearly and a detailed proposal was prepared for us. The first results we noticed was a big jump in the ranking of our local listing. Our SEO results have steadily improved since, and our PPC campaign has been fine-tuned to generate a higher volume and quality of leads. Our monthly reporting clearly shows this improvement.

Being a painting contractor, I can understand the value of communication with our customers. It can be the most important factor for the success of our business. This is where Powered by Search really shines. Zunaira, our account manager, is there to take care of my concerns, almost immediately. If I dare have a question I better prepare and make some time for the answer. I do not get a token response, but insightful responses that clearly show that these people love what they do. Hiring the services of Powered by Search was a great decision for our business and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

“WOW. What a difference!”

Carolyn Pongracz at In Bloom Photos

I constantly get emails from spammers telling me they can do wonders for my website’s Google ranking, but I’ve always ignored them because they’re clearly just a scam.  I wanted to find someone trustworthy, professional, and efficient to improve my website’s SEO.  Friends recommended various different companies but after speaking with them, I wasn’t impressed and was feeling like I’d never find anyone suitable.  Finally, someone recommended Powered By Search, and WOW.  What a difference!  Right from the initial first telephone conversation I could tell immediately that this was the company I was looking for!  They honestly know what they’re talking about, and they make it clear enough for someone like me who’s not so computer-savvy.  As a photographer I need to easily be found in the internet because that’s where potential clients are looking for me most often.  And with Dev & Ali’s help, I’ve moved from the 3rd or 4th page all the way up to the #1 spot on the first page within just a couple of weeks.  I am so grateful for their help and will continue to recommend Powered By Search to anyone looking to boost their online presence.

“Insightful responses that clearly show these people love what they do”

Maxime Gendreau at Garaga Inc.

We engaged Powered by Search for an Enterprise SEO Audit of our new website. Dev and his team provided stellar support and guidance and were very open to share their knowledge of SEO best practices to help improve our results. Our industry focuses on Local SEO challenges that require dominance in every market we service. Since implementing their recommendations into our new website, we’ve seen a significant increase in Garage Door related traffic from the search engines, in under 6 weeks. These are only preliminary results and we look forward to continuing to work with the Powered by Search team.

“30% rise in business over the previous year”

Lin Bennett at Feast Your Eyes! Catering And Events

I just wanted to say a very huge thank you to Dev Basu and his talented team at Powered By Search. We have worked with them since May 2011 and they were an invaluable support to us while we were developing our new catering website. Dev and his people were available to work with our web designer with tips and suggestions on how to best optimize our site for search engine capability. Shortly after our new web site was launched, our internet traffic increased measurably. Within a short time we within the top two sites on the pages for our key words. The monthly reports we receive from them show us our progress and help to determine areas that can be improved. We have had many valuable suggestions from Dev and his team that we can implement ourselves as well to up our rankings. We have seen a dramatic increase in calls and inquiries from the Feast Your Eyes! website resulting in a 30% rise in business over the previous year. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting more results from their internet marketing. If you want to “power your business” then you should call Powered By Search!

“342% return on our SEO investment in the first 3 months”

Sherene St. Cyr at Done Right Roofing Calgary

I’m am thrilled with the SEO results Powered by Search delivered for my business.  In a relatively short period of time we moved from page 2 on google searches, to a ranking of #2 or #3 on all of our most relevant search terms.  Traffic to our site has sky rocketed, and most importantly the quote requests are flooding in.  So far I have calculated a 342% return on our SEO investment in the first 3 months of the Powered-by-Search campaign.  I love the monthly reports that give me detailed information about the traffic to our site.  As the owner of a roofing business  SEO seems like something magical, but the resulting $50,000 in gross revenue we’ve enjoyed in the last 90 days that came EXCLUSIVELY  from our SEO campaign (because we have no other advertising out there for that product), is very tangible. I give Powered by Search my highest recommendation to business owners. My advertising dollars could not be more well spent.

“Amazing SEO Specialists”

Jeffrey Chen at Bell Inc.

Powered by Search and their CEO Dev Basu have helped me tremendously on initiating my blog as well as the strategy on succeeding in the e-market. His level of knowledge, professionalism and upbeat personality made working with him a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an expert who knows the industry inside out and can make a REAL impact on the bottom line.

“Experienced more than a 200% increase in traffic”

Brian Galbraith, Family & Divorce Lawyer in Barrie at Galbraith Family Law Professional Corporation

I rely on Powered By Search to manage my internet marketing strategy. I have experienced more than a 200% increase in traffic to my website which means more clients coming through the door. They use cutting-edge techniques to maximize my presence on the web. Their multi-platform approach is very effective. I just opened a new office and relied solely upon Powered by Search to bring in clients. It worked. They are always trying new things to improve my website and new techniques to keep me on the first page of Google. I fully endorse Powered by Search. I am a sole practitioner practicing family law. With Powered by Search’s help, I have grown to having 9 associate lawyers and 9 support staff working for me with offices in 3 cities. Thanks Powered by Search!

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