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    5 Google Analytics Dashboards for CMO’s

    Last updated: May 4th, 2023

    Did you know that less than half (44%) of surveyed businesses can measure their paid search ROI?

    Measuring the impact of any digital marketing is essential, because success is “maintained,” not “achieved.”  It’s like going to the gym. You don’t stop once you’ve seen results. You have to keep going just to maintain them.

    Most businesses are frustrated because they don’t know why their campaigns are underperforming. This means you have low visibility into your marketing progress (or lack thereof). More importantly, not being fully informed means that your marketing efforts are inefficient. This leads to a lot of lost time and wasted potential.

    Many companies rely on their digital marketing firm to send them analytics numbers. But you want raw data, not a PowerPoint deck that only tells you a fraction of the story.

    To help you take control of your data, we’ve created 5 Google Analytics Dashboards, so you can see the whole story.

    Who are These Tools For?

    These are for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into their analytics and unlock more site traffic and leads.

    They may not be for companies who outsource their digital marketing because they do not have time to worry about these things.

    The Most Important Thing You Can Do With Your Analytics Data

    Simply put, most companies don’t actually know what their would-be customers want from their website. They don’t understand the user’s intent.

    Most companies think they do, which leads to a lot of dropped leads and wasted efforts. If you don’t really understand what your customer is looking for on your site, you don’t know how to give it to them. So your user will grow frustrated and leave.

    When You Don’t Understand User Intent:

    Problem: People are leaving without buying anything

    Perceived Cause: The Sign up button is too small for users to find

    Suggested Solution: Make the button bigger

    Results: Almost no change, and growing frustration

    When You DO Understand User Intent:

    Problem: People are leaving without buying anything

    Actual Cause: Users don’t want to sign up. They want to buy

    Actual Solution: Change the button label from “Sign up” to “Buy”

    Results: Both online sales and customer satisfaction skyrocket, at almost no cost to you

    The 5 Google Analytics Dashboards That Can Help You Right Now

    Editorial Content Performance Dashboard

    editorial dashboard 2

    Get It Right Now
    What it Shows You
    : What content is actually resonating with your readers.

    How it Can Help You Today: See what content is legitimately engaging your readers and actually getting you social shares or sales. Offer more of what is working, and discontinue what’s missing the mark.

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    Global Site Performance Dashboard

    global dashboard

    Get It Right Now
    What it Shows You:
    A full 50,000ft view of your web performance

    How it Can Help You Today: Unlock the user’s intent by seeing how people are actually using your website, and figure out what they actually want.

    Visitor Demographics and Device Report

    visitor dashboard

    Get It Right Now
    How it Can Help You Today:
    Make sure your content is optimized for your user’s devices, and get an understanding their journey.What it Shows You: Where your visitors are coming from, what devices they are using, and what type of UX they are having.

    Ecommerce Performance Dashboard

    ecommerce dashboard

    Get It Right Now
    How it Can Help You Today:
    Make sure you’re not “leaking” leads anywhere in the customer transaction.What it Shows You: Get a high-level overview of your Ecommerce performance.

    Adwords Performance Dashboard

    ppc dashboard 1
    Get It Right Now
    How it Can Help You Today:
    Make sure you’re not wasting any time or money on ineffective Adwords campaigns.What it Shows You: Get a high-level overview of your top Adwords campaigns.

    How to Use This Information

    Remember: What gets measured, gets managed. But at the same time, tracking everything means nothing is important. Use these tools to find the data on your business’ specific KPIs.  

    Don’t bog yourself down and waste time trying to know everything. Complexity is the enemy of progress.

    What Should I Do Next?

    First, you will want to import the reports we have created just for you.

    Next, you will want to set aside some time to analyze the data with your team, and plan what changes need to be made.

    What you should do now

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