If you think Pinterest is only for sharing cute animal pictures and clothing, think again! There’s a reason why this social network has exploded over the last few years. If you consider your business to be forward-thinking but are missing out on Pinterest, you should reconsider your status. Find out how to become a Pinterest pro with my quick video tutorial:

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Hey everybody, this is Joel from Powered by Search. I’m the marketing director here. Powered by Search is a full service digital marketing agency based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Today we’re going to be talking about how to use Pinterest for business. It looks like you want to know a little bit more about Pinterest the social media platform and how you can effectively use it to get your business out there, a little bit of free marketing for your business online.

I’m going to quickly go over a bunch of different things. I’m going to teach you the settings and how to properly set it up for your business. We’re also going to go through some things to pin, how to create boards, place pins, the pin it button, and a bunch of other things.

Let’s hop right to it. This is our Pinterest board at Powered by Search. This is our profile. The very first thing you’re going to want to do is go into your settings once you’ve set up your account. Let’s hop right into our settings, and you’re going to want to make sure you fill out everything that’s going to benefit your business. Your business type, they’re kind of vague here, but if you’re a professional business, or you work in media, or you’re a retailer you want to select the business type. Obviously, you want the country that you’re in. Your contact name, the name of your business, and you’re also going to want to fill out your business name.

You’re going to want to add a nice, clear, high quality logo of your business and then a brief overview about what your business does. If you’re a pizza company, talk about how you have the best pizza in town. Whatever you do, just give a brief description of it.

You’re definitely going to want to include your website as there’s a free citation you’re going to get right there, and your location. Also, make sure to always have this set to no, because you’re going to want to have this stop search engines from being able to go rank your pins, and you obviously want search engines to be ranking your pins so that you get more traffic to your website.

You can also add any social networks that you may like to connect it to as well. Right now we just have the Twitter connected, but if you’d like to add any social networks so that you’re killing two birds with one stone and pinning as well as updating your Facebook wall, you can do that as well.

Once you’ve filled out all of your settings we can kind of teach you how to set up boards. This little plus sign here is kind of the gate to starting a lot of things on Pinterest. You can either upload a pin from somewhere on your computer, you can add something from your website, or you can create a board here.

I’ll give you a quick example of something that you may want to pin. We have a couple of different boards here. These are boards. We’ve got marketing white papers, some corporate culture stuff, our team, we have a lead up called inbound TO, and we’ve got some infographics and some shenanigans. We’ve got a couple of different fun boards, some serious, some fun. Pinterest is not a super serious type of social media. It’s kind of just a fun place to share images and other things that people like. You don’t always have to be too serious on Pinterest.

Let’s say we want to pin something about inbound marketing. I’m typing inbound marketing. You can either search pins, boards, or pinners that relate to the keyword inbound marketing.

They have a bunch of really great inbound marketing infographics. This infographic looks nice. I’m going to select to pin it, and it’s going to ask me which board I’d like to pin it to. I want to pin it to our inbound marketing infographics because it is an inbound marketing infographic. You can change the description on it if you’d like, and then you can conveniently post it to Twitter as well.

I’ll pin that, and now I can see it in my board. We have a bunch of different infographics that we’ve pinned that relate to inbound marketing, but this is just an example of how to pin something.

Next, I’m going to teach you how to create a board. You can either go to create a board there, or you can go into your profile as well. Creating a board there would probably be the easiest. You can just hit this little plus sign. It’s super, super easy. Pinterest is by far one of the easiest forms of social media to use. They’ve really designed it quite well. They went through a lot of revisions since it first started.

I’m going to call my new board Powered by Search Videos, because we don’t have any boards that relate to our videos. You can just write any type of description about it that gives people a good idea of what that board is going to be talking about. Videos that relate to inbound marketing, SEO, local SEO, social media, pay per click, and more.

Do they have one for videos? I don’t think so. I’m just going to click other for now.

You can either add a map. Let’s say you were having an event somewhere at a certain location, you can create a map and you can put exactly where that location was, or you can keep it secret if you don’t want people viewing it. Create a secret board. We’ve created a Powered by Search videos board, but we don’t really have anything on our board yet.

Let’s create our first pin. I will show you this little pin it button that’s super convenient. You just click right there and you’ll go to the Pinterest goodies. I’ll pull that up. This will show you where you can install their app for Google Play, for Apple. Here’s the little pin it button I was talking about. It’s a little extension you can have, and it’s super convenient because it just shows up right on your dashboard.

I’ll show you exactly how it’s going to work. You click it and it automatically picks up any type of images on the screen and you can conveniently pin something right there. What we’re first going to have to do is go onto YouTube. Let’s go onto YouTube. I have a new video here, Three Ways that Inbound Marketing Can Benefit Your Business. I’m going to go to share, select the Pinterest logo, and it’s going to go onto our new board that we just created, Powered by Search Videos, Three Ways Inbound Marketing Can Benefit Your Business. Check out our inbound marketing information at…

You always want to include a call to action back to your website, because if you don’t how do you expect to gain more leads. Once you include that call to action there is a free link directly back to our website if someone is interested in learning more about your product or service. It’s another awesome way to benefit your business.

Now I’ve posted it, and there we are. Now it’s on Pinterest. That’s an awesome way to promote videos if you’re a big YouTuber, really great way to share your videos on YouTube as well as Pinterest.

Like I was talking about always having a call to action on all of our pins, this is really great example, because we don’t sell any products and we’re a service based company. You can still do lots of pinning even if you’re a service based company.

We at Powered by Search love to create white papers, and here’s an example of one of the new ones that we created – A Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency. There’s the cover photo. It makes it look enticing to people. Free white paper – A Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency. Then, if someone clicks that they can connect directly to a landing page. Pinterest is a fantastic way to draw people to a landing page on your site to get people to fill out that form and convert those people that were just stumbling on Pinterest to new leads.

The next thing I’m going to teach you is one of the newer things Pinterest does. It’s been around for a little bit. We’re going to teach you place pins. We have a meetup called Inbound Marketing Toronto that we do every month. It’s usually at a different location. Sometimes we have it at the same one, but it can be in different places.

What you’re going to do is select a board, hit edit, add a map. It’ll be on no. You’re going to want to switch it to yes. You’re going to save changes. Then, go into that board and you’re going to see all the different pictures that relate to these boards. These were different inbound marketing Toronto events that we’ve hosted at different places. This one in particular I know is at BNOTIONS, so I’m going to add a place. I’m going to hit BNOTIONS right there; BNOTIONS tech startup, select, and I’ve added them as a place pin. It’s a really cool way to show where you’re at all over Toronto. It puts a location to the pictures that you’re posting up.

Another thing that’s a really great idea to do is make sure to always follow your clients. If you know different clients that have Pinterest, quickly type them in. I’m going to type in, say, Shopify. We’re going to go to pinners. Right there is Shopify. I am going to make sure to follow them. This is a great idea to see what your clients are up to, follow them. It’s a nice thing to do.

One other thing I want to teach you is analytics. You can now set up Pinterest analytics. You have to verify your website. I’m going to hit verify my website. It’s going to take you here. I’m going to go verify my website. You can either download this verification file and then upload it to your website, or you can hit verify with a meta tag and then you just copy and paste this tag into your head. Just read the directions, and then once you’ve done it you’re going to click complete my verification. It’s really, really cool.

Analytics shows you a variety of different things – pinning from your website, seeing your pins, clicking your content. It gives you a really in depth look at how people are engaging with you on Pinterest, and you’ve got analytics about that.

That was a pretty good overview of everything that you can do on Pinterest to kind of skyrocket your business on social media, get a bunch of free links, and show everything about your business through images instead of just text.

Yeah, make sure to please check out our other videos. Visit us online at poweredbysearch.com for all of your digital marketing needs. We do specialize in SEO, local SEO, pay per clicks, social media, web design and development. Like I said, we are a full service agency, so make sure to definitely check us out online.

Stay tuned for some more great videos. Thank you so much for watching.

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