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#InboundTO Meetup Recap: Cross-Channel Marketing Like a Boss

Last Thursday’s Inbound Marketing Toronto meetup featured presentations from myself and Samuel Iannucci, Creative Director at Brand Surgeons. Sponsored by Powered by Search and hosted by BNOTIONS, the event was highly engaging and received much positive feedback from the 35 marketing professionals in attendance. Interesting content and nice contrast of presentations tonight at #InboundTO: Cross Channel Marketing Like

Inbound Marketing

The 7 Marketing Metrics That Matter

The number of social media followers, the number of press release impressions, or the number of site visitors are useful and important diagnostic tools for your marketing team and can help you plan your marketing strategy more effectively, but your CEO and CFO don’t care to hear about them. They need something more concrete and

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Adapting to Your PPC Competition – Simbound Part 4

Let’s face it, competition sucks. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have your ad only be displayed for a keyword? Instead, our ad usually becomes just another one in a group of ads all vying for a click on the page. In Simbound, I’ve had the luxury of only competing against 2 other human players.

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The 5 Aspects of Amazing Web Design

At last count, there were over 767 million active websites, according to Netcraft. How does one lonely brand or company website make a dent amid the 767 million others? Good inbound marketing helps, to be sure, but all the SEO in the world won’t do anything for you if you can’t get visitors to stick

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Is your digital marketing strategy back-to-front?

Admit it. You like some digital marketing activities more than others. You naturally navigate towards things that you like to do and you tend to ignore things that you find boring or don’t understand. Don’t feel too bad though. That’s a normal, natural tendency. However, it’s important to be aware of the activities that you

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