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5 Branding Tips to Improve Your Business

Somewhere between SEO and marketing automation, businesses are forgetting about branding. Yes, SEO carries the most fundamental aspect of branding – positioning. And yes, the funnel has become more sophisticated with predictive algorithms but where are those neurological, astronomical, tribal allegiances we used to hear about? Businesses grow because of their brand’s ability to be

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7 Reasons You Need The Marketer’s Guide To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great professional tool, for not only individuals but businesses as well. Here are 7 reasons to download The Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and start incorporating the professional networking site into your marketing strategy. 1. Reap the benefits of inbound marketing LinkedIn is an easy way to advertise your business according to the

Inbound Marketing

1+1=11: The Power of the Second Screen Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketers are faced with a challenge of multi-screen consumer engagement. Whether multiple devices are used simultaneously or sequentially, people utilize them to be more productive, learn new information and socialize. By observing user behaviors, you can get valuable insight about the content that your audience will like and engage with. So, what techniques

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Guide to Google Analytics: Video Tutorial

The latest addition to the Powered by Search YouTube channel is a video explaining Google Web Analytics for 2014. New additions have been explained and old ones have been touched as well. Humans are visual characters, for this reason we created a video tutorial explaining everything you need to know about navigating through your Google

Web Analytics

21 Tools To Help Distribute Your Content

When it comes to content marketing, distributing said content is a pretty obvious part of the equation. It’s not enough to just create (and curate) stellar content, you’ve got to get it out there! Because there’s nothing sadder than a lovely blog post sitting all by its lonesome with no one to read it. Ok

Content Marketing

The Nine Laws Of Inbound Sales Success

There has recently been a notable shift in best practice for B2B sales. Inbound selling is meant to appeal to the upcoming generation of buyers. Listed below are nine rules for successful inbound sales. 1. Be Empathetic to Buyers Practicing empathy for buyers is not a cliché sales gimmick. Provide buyers with a highly personalized experience during


Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency: 5 Agencies to Avoid

You probably know by now that shifting from outbound to inbound marketing can create a huge return on investment for your company. If you’re here, doubtless you’ve already started trying to apply inbound strategies to your business. Often though, as many of our clients would tell you, the task can get daunting when trying to


The Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

This blog post contains edited excerpts from our free whitepaper: The Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising. Get the full guide for more details on how to implement a successful PPC campaign for your business. “Pay per click advertising is so passé,” some say. Why is that, when in fact PPC ads account for 65% of

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