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What is RTB? Complete Guide to Understanding Real-Time Bidding (Part I)

By now you’ve probably heard about real-time bidding (RTB), the technological breakthrough that’s made it possible for advertisers to use data to target individual users in real time. In recent years, RTB has exploded onto the digital ad scene and the fun is just getting started. According to eMarketer, we can expect double-digit increases in RTB spending

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Is your digital marketing strategy back-to-front?

Admit it. You like some digital marketing activities more than others. You naturally navigate towards things that you like to do and you tend to ignore things that you find boring or don’t understand. Don’t feel too bad though. That’s a normal, natural tendency. However, it’s important to be aware of the activities that you

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Inbound Marketing Is Conquering Canada: InboundCon Recap

InboundCon, Canada’s first inbound marketing conference, took place on September 14 at the Centre for Social Innovation – Annex. Starting with our monthly Inbound Marketing Toronto events and now with the annual inbound marketing conference InboundCon, we love building and nurturing Canada’s community of inbound marketers. Organized by Alex Rascanu and hosted by Powered by Search, the sold-out event brought


The “Google Memory” Explored: The Real Effect Link and Content Velocity Have on Your Website

Just like the nuns who ran the Catholic school I attended, Google remembers everything.  By the 6th grade, I was a model student; I earned good grades, played sports, and was in several clubs.  But do you think those accomplishments erased my 3rd grade shenanigans from their memories?  Nope, those crafty nuns don’t forget… anything.  And when

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#InboundTO Meetup Recap: How to Trend Your Brand for 2014

Yesterday’s Inbound Marketing Toronto meetup featured presentations from Lannie Le, Creative Director & Partner at Pixel Dreams, and Samuel Iannucci, Creative Director at Brand Surgeons. Sponsored by Powered by Search and hosted by BNOTIONS, the event was well received by the close to 40 marketing professionals in attendance. @UgaaaleJ everyone can choose to stay young, curious, hungry and audacious. — Lannie Le


Identify your PPC Landscape with Competitor Research

Before you jump into a campaign, you need to get a firm grasp of what your PPC landscape is.  You can do a little competitor research, and really think about where you are targeting your ad dollars. Imagine that you’re opening a brick-and-mortar retail store. You’re selling something that you’re really passionate about, and this

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