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How Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads Will Affect Your Holiday Shopping Season

Google’s new updated Showcase Shopping ads let your customers browse product collections, instead of looking at individual products. Users can now find your offerings in a slideshow-like showcase of multiple merchants’ products, then click yours to go directly to a customized landing page. This update will obviously change the way searchers will shop for (and

Search Engine Optimization

Google Local 3-Pack is turning into a… 2Pac?

Today at SMX, Google unofficially announced that the Local 3-Pack is going to start containing an ad soon. So the 3-Pack will effectively become two organic listings, plus one paid listing. Here’s what the current 3-Pack looks like on a desktop: You can follow some discussions started by Joy Hawkins on the topic here: Local

Search Engine Optimization

Making Content Great Again: How 1 Post Generated 50 Leads for VisaPlace

Many parts of the American population have been humorously (and sometimes seriously) threatening to emigrate throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The sentiment peaked when ABC News reported that Google searches for “how can I move to Canada rose by over 350% during Super Tuesday.” That’s right, 350%! Here are some examples: No lie, if Donald Trump

Content Marketing

7 Revealing Signs That You Need a Marketing Agency

At Powered by Search, we’ve been lucky enough to speak with thousands of companies interested in growing their business. We’ve noticed that a lot of managers and C-Level execs aren’t sure when to invest in a digital marketing agency. This usually stems from an incomplete understanding of what agencies are capable of, and how they

Inbound Marketing

InboundTO 34 Recap: Enterprise SEO Panel

Our 34th InboundTO event was a blast! An excited audience filled our office with a palpable energy and engaged with a fantastic panel composed of SEO experts from Workopolis, Kobo, Expedia, Staples, and PbS. They didn’t hold back and shared actionable SEO advice that that you’d usually pay thousands of dollars for! Some of the


InboundTO 33 Recap: Startup Success Stories

InboundTO #33: Startup Success Stories was a night packed full of insight as some of Toronto’s finest entrepreneurs shared their experiences on transforming ideas into reality—and how marketing played a part in their success. Themes that stood out included: The importance of putting your customer at the centre of every decision you make Effectiveness vs. efficiency, and why