SEO Content Distribution and the Distribution Cycle – Inbound Tuesdays #5

Someone sold you on writing excellent content; great! Now you need to spend time thinking about how to get that content in front of the eyes of your ideal audience. It’s not about hoping, it’s about SEO Content Distribution!

Troy Boileau, one of our SEO Consultants here at Powered by Search, brings you the fifth installment of Inbound Tuesdays.


SEO Content Distribution and the Distribution Cycle Summary

I used to maintain a personal blog; I thought the content was amazing. It followed me on adventures that would shame some novels out of publication; at least I thought so! But I only had about a dozen visitors per day, and that wasn’t even to my amazing content. It was to a random post where I resolved a Piwik error, or to one where I vaguely referenced Chinese girls — fun with analytics!

I even write the same way now than I did back then. The difference is that now I know what content distribution is, and how it’s important. I work just as hard if not harder to bring eyes to the content that I write. Here I’ll quote the boring old idiom, “Content is King and Distribution is Queen.”

Here’s the way I’ve analyzed this cycle:

  1. New Distribution – Comes from other people’s lists.
  2. Your List – AKA Your Voice.
  3. Your List’s Distribution – The same as #1, but they’re already on your list; the greatest part of this is that the bigger and stronger your list, the more it will build itself

When I create a piece of content I embed sharing into it. Not just hopeful shares. For example, when I asked one of our writers to put together a piece on golf courses near our client hotel, I knew that I could reach out to those golf courses to share the content and they’d be inclined to. This is one way of creating new distribution.

When the visitor comes to our site, we’ve set up methods for capturing the visitor on one of our distribution lists. This develops Your List.

Finally, when we develop content that is relevant and valuable to a particular distribution list, we get in touch with them and share it with them. Some of them share it in turn, so you get access to Your List’s Distribution.

Just keep in mind that all stages of this distribution is active; the goal isn’t to make it passive. The goal is to make it part of a process. That makes it feel easy.

Hope that was helpful!