Why Your Brand Should Be Mobile Ready [INFOGRAPHIC]

As greater and greater mobile users turn to their Smartphones to make purchases, find information, or simply just browse the Internet, it has become increasingly important for businesses to acquire a mobile presence. Occupying the same digital spaces as your consumers is important for successful business, and increasingly, consumers are on their Smartphones.

This Infographic will illustrate important consumer trends in mobile eCommerce, the areas of mobile eCommerce in which businesses fall short, and tips on how to pick up the slack.

Key Takeaways:

1. The majority of consumers who conduct a mobile search are ready to buy, and ready do so within the first 24 hours

2. One out of every ten dollars spent on eCommerce is done from a mobile device

3. There are multiple consumer benefits of mobile shopping, the overarching one being convenience

4. Despite these facts, the majority of brands do not have a mobile strategy

5. There are many simple steps you can take to give your brand a strong mobile presence, effectvely putting you ahead of your competitors