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Emotional Marketing – Inbound Tuesdays #3

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Before buying, do consumers ask themselves, “Was this an excellent piece of marketing?” Probably not. Instead they feel. Marc Nashaat, one of our marketing consultants at Powered by Search, talks about the importance of emotions in marketing. He shows the difference between heart share and market share; and in so doing he shares some great actionable insights. […]

Google Disavow Tool & What it Means for SEO

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Remember this 16th of October, 2012, it’s somewhat of a monumental date for SEO’s. While speaking at PubCon, Matt Cutts announced yesterday, that Google would be releasing the long awaited disavow tool. The tool is meant to assist webmasters in discounting suspicious, or spammy links to their sites that may have been penalizing or confining […]

Search Links of the Week: Marissa Mayer and Yahoo!

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TGIF! This week, aside from the obvious news of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises being released today, there was a story that dominated the media: Marissa Mayer, formerly the Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location Services of Google, was tapped as the President and CEO of Yahoo! We’d like to congratulate Yahoo! and Marissa […]

Search Links of the Week: Yahoo, Digg, and RIM!

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Hello folks, another fine Friday is upon us and I hope you have had a productive week! Plenty of really good content from all walks of search and marketing life, along with the news that Yahoo! Voice was hacked and Digg was acquired for a rumoured $16 million price tag. Acquisition is potentially on the […]