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Why Your Site’s Jump in Traffic Referrals May Be Spam

Bad news. Your Google Analytics Traffic Referrals report may be useless. Right now we’re seeing a rise in traffic referral spam attacks, which is frustrating business owners and webmasters. While some hackers find this hilarious, the rest of us just aren’t laughing. Referrer spam is falsifying sales leads, spreading malware, and creating phishing sites. What

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How Google’s Ad Customizer Toolbox Can Boost Your CTR

With 2017 just around the corner, we’ve seen a roll-out of new capabilities from AdWords that’s sure to crank up the performance of any PPC campaign. Straddling the line between programming and feed-based advertising, AdWords’ new ad customizer features offer brand new ways to streamline your web campaign. Now, customizers are not a new thing

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Game Changer – Google’s New Local Ads

It looks like Google is testing a new local ads format in the search results and it could be a game changer.   What Google is testing is captured below with a screenshot: You can see they added 3 local paid ad listings above the fold with a map.  This new local sponsored ads Google is testing

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Google May Be Focusing More on Mobile Sites. Should You?

56% of all the web’s browsing now comes from our mobile devices. So predictably, Google recently announced that they have started testing a mobile-first index. This is a big shift that would see Google starting with your mobile site, and then looking at the desktop site when there is no mobile. “To make our results


Instagram Shopping Will Soon Bring Users to Your Online Store

Instagram knows that 84% of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products on their phones. They want to be the bridge that connects them to your store, so they’re experimenting with the tools to do so. “Starting next week, we’re testing a way for our community to learn more about the items