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Building an Engine for Predictable Growth: How We Help VC & Private Equity Firms Generate Better Returns on Their B2B SaaS Investments

For growth private equity firms, there’s often a gap in time between when they acquire a company and when it begins to grow rapidly. The overarching problem they consistently face is: that gap in time is too long. Growth private equity firms typically have no more than five to seven years to exit their portfolio

Inbound Marketing

How to Optimize SaaS Integration Pages to Drive Organic Traffic and Leads

Integrations are commonplace in B2B SaaS, but companies rarely put thought into how to leverage them through marketing. In our experience, we’ve seen significant SEO opportunities for integration pages to acquire keyword rankings and drive high-quality organic traffic. For example, consider this organic search data from one of our clients:   Over the past year,

Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Forecast Paid Marketing ROI for B2B SaaS

One of the biggest questions B2B SaaS companies have about paid marketing is their expected ROI. Essentially, they want the ability to forecast, “If we spend X dollars next quarter, we’ll get Y dollars in return.” But the majority of companies we speak with don’t have the necessary data to do accurate forecasting. Typically they’re missing

PPC Marketing