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How to Create an Expert Roundup Blog Post in 5 Kickass Steps

So you want to create a viral blog post? You came to the right place! Expert roundup posts can be the most viral posts on the internet if carried through properly. The benefits of creating one is instead of coming up with your own content you have a massive group of experts submit a brief [...]

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Weekly Inbound Marketing Mashup: Writing Great Copy (07/04/14)

Happy Friday! To end this awesome week, we have some great tips on how to make your marketing copy more effective. How To Write Marketing Copy That Generates Leads by Stuart J. Davidson To generate new leads to build your customer base, you need to write compelling copy that effectively convinces your readers to buy from [...]

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25 Landing Page Elements for Increased Conversion Rates

Whether you are just starting to plan your landing page or you’re about to launch an existing design, consult this list of elements. You might be pleasantly surprised to find some unobvious ones that may compliment your business and increase your conversion rates. 1. Logo Everybody knows that you need to have a logo on [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Restaurant Menu

A few hours before my birthday party this year, my boyfriend called me up and said “We have no place to eat. The other restaurant cannot accommodate everybody!” So in the chaos of getting ready, I also had to look for another place that can fit 30 hungry people. The fact that I’m picky in [...]

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Free Local SEO Report Card

Local SEO continues to evolve, so how do you stay on top of your game? With frequent changes to search engine algorithms and services, there’s always a lot elements to consider. With our Local SEO Report Card, you’ll be able to grade your efforts and learn all of the latest local tips and tricks. Don’t [...]

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Weekly Inbound Marketing Mashup: Excellent Email Marketing (06/26/14)

It’s been a week since our last Mashup and we’re still going strong! This time around, we’ve got the latest and greatest on everything email marketing. So, sit down, relax, and enjoy these important email marketing lessons. How to Market Effectively Without Being Flagged as Spam by Tranquil Blue Your e-mail marketing is only good if your [...]

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