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Profit-Focused Digital Marketing

Increase your ROI Today Practicing digital marketing techniques can prove to be a successful strategy due to their accountability and measurability. Many companies are realizing the importance of these channels and investing bigger portions of their marketing budgets into it.   Features: Identify revenue-centered metrics Determine a digital marketing budget Align sales and marketing teams [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

All trends seem to suggest that Paid Per Click (PPC) advertising is becoming increasingly ineffective, or even obsolete. Why is this happening? Customers are now becoming more tech-savvy and aware of paid advertising campaigns. In complement with the changing consumer mindset, there has been a rise in popularity for inbound marketing amongst marketers. Many marketers [...]

Search Marketing 101 University of Toronto Scarborough

Dev Basu is a guest lecturer for 3rd and 4th year information marketing courses at the University of Toronto. This lecture was delivered to 4th year students taking the “Marketing in the Information Age” (MGTD06) course taught by Prof. Tim Richardson at University of Toronto Scarborough.