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Quick Summary

Take Action: It’s time to make changes to your email list. Start small and build them up.

Email is important! Do it right.

Always Be Collecting email addresses: CTA forms on everything.

Make it Personal: Plain text is fine. Keep it authentic if it’s an email.

Segment and Solve: Talk to different people with different problems in different ways. Segment your email lists, and solve their unique problem. Prove that you deserve their $.

Deliverability: Avoid words that trigger spam, and test small batches and headlines. Try subjectline.com. Focus on things that make a big difference. Pay attention to what time of day and what subject lines get the best results.

Click Through Rates: Have one simple call-to-action, and include social proof. Your call-to-action should be easy to understand and quick to act on.

Mobile First: Keep Google inbox in mind, and assume that’s how they read it. See how your email will look with a tool called Litmus.

Email Automation: Very easy, and very important for long sales cycles.

Strategy First: Know your objective and tools. Don’t be afraid to change or try new things.

Quick Wins: You look for them in Onboarding, ecommerce, content, and lead nurturing.

Testing: Run a challenger vs a champion in A-B testing. Look for outliers; follow them.

Don’t quit. Start with a small fire and build it up — it’s worth the effort.