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Quick Summary

Take Action: Pass the “So what?” test. Don’t meet expectations; take a risk and crush it.

Stop making shitty ads.

You’ll never stand out if you don’t try. Compare your website to everything. Not just competitors, but the constant influx of messages your customers receive on a daily basis.

Astounding your audience ≠ delighting your audience

Delightful experience will make you smile. An astounding experience will make you take a hundred pictures and tell everyone you know.

How to astound your audience:

Make it fun or funny: like the Old Spice Man, which was just an effort to rejuvenate a stuffy brand. Or the George Bush audiobook ad, which made fun of the president.

Make it easier than anyone ever has, ever: like when the printer ink company took the data they already had to make the customers lives easier. Or when Amazon created the one-click checkout. Demonstrate that you’ll do the work for them.

Give them something they really, really want: like Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a great place to find out where people will pay money just to make sure something exists.

Call out the status quo and then crush it: like Google photos, reminding users of the crappy experience of not having enough storage.

Surprise or shock them: like a button that says “Don’t Click” and leads to a page that explains they understand user behaviour.

Note: good copy comes from listening to the emotions of existing leads.