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Quick Summary

Take Action: Create videos to build relationships with your customers.

Successful long-term relationship = Attention + Nurturing + Trust

When we’re selling B2B, we’re still selling to people; appealing to emotion helps them buy. Including video in email campaigns is reduces email opt-out rate and engages the customer’s emotions.

Ways to use video for marketing:

1. Personalized video that includes specific personal information (e.g. name) like the University of Waterloo video. It pulls them into the experience, and click-through can increase by 2x to 5x.

Best practices: make sure the personalization is added to pre-production so it’s not a gimmick, include a screenshot of the video in the email, and include the word “video” in your email subject.

2. Interactive video such as lead-capture videos or videos with polls.

Best practices: don’t ask for information without giving value, don’t interrupt the experience (unless it’s worth it for them), and don’t ask for their info every video (rude).

3. Build more trust with live streaming like company events, new products, or Q&A. You can’t fake it. It’s authentic.

Best practices: set a goal and track it, establish urgency or exclusivity, and don’t sweat the production.