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This is not your typical boring marketing geek talk about PPC. Matthew has 10-years experience managing paid media campaigns for some of the largest brands and he has discovered there are 6 common mistakes most companies are making that is costing them BIG. He’s pulling back the curtain on the 80/20 rule on paid media campaigns and show you how to deeply impact your paid media campaigns that will increase your leads & sales. It’s a lot more fun and easier then most people realize!

Quick Summary

Take Action: Use your competitors to learn what ad creative works, then appeal to a short attention span. Create a unique and intuitive experience for each buyer journey.

Digital has 46% of our attention, but only about 20% of marketers budgets. Stay with the times! Today, the average life expectancy for a Fortune 500 Company is only 15 years.

1. Self-help books: Success leaves clues.

Spy on your competitors. Learn what they’re spending, learn what they’re saying, learn what keywords they’re competing on.

2. My acting career: Know who your heroes are (your customers). Give them each a unique experience. Tell a great story.

Learn about your hero using data and insights. What motivates your hero? What pain will get worse if they don’t solve their problem? Then create a marketing funnel for each unique hero.

3. My Kids: Attention spans are short. Your ads need to appeal to their attention span. Appeal to curiosity to bait your customers. Avoid ad fatigue:

Who (audience) + Where + Desire & intent + Bait = Success

4. My office door: Be intuitive: don’t make your audience think. Match landing pages to your ad creative. Be crystal clear.

5. My accountant: Trim the fat. If you measure it, you can improve upon it. Learn what 20% of your marketing efforts are generating 80% of your results. You cannot do this unless you are tracking.

6. My dyslexia: All businesses have blind spots. Slice your information into smaller pieces. Find ways to make it easier for your customers to get small values that will lead to your greater value.

Use a value ladder. For example, a dentist might use the following:
Free teeth cleaning → teeth whitening → night guard → cosmetic surgery