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Quick Summary

Take Action: Reviews should be deeply integrated in your business plan.

Leverage, promote, amplify, and exploit your reputation.

The power of reputation is not confined to search; you can use it on your website, in social media, email marketing, offline marketing, and sales materials.


→ 91% of consumers read reviews for local businesses
→ 84% of consumers trust reviews
→ 68% say good reviews help them trust a business
→ Star rating is the top factor in purchase decision
→ CTR only increased above 3 stars
→ positive reviews increased landing page trust by 11% and contact by 6%.

6 Pillars of Effective Review Strategy:

1. Set Clear Targets: You need enough reviews to convince a customer to trust you. You can’t have too many reviews, but there is a natural diminishing return. In setting targets, think about the freshness of reviews as well, not a quota.

2. 73% of consumers feel that reviews older than 3 months are irrelevant. You need monthly targets.

3. Ask customers to write you a review: It should be baked into your sales process. Always ask for a review. Ask when customer satisfaction is highest. Don’t let them forget how excited they were.

4. Use Only a Few Sites: Build reviews on a few key sites. Using too many will dilute your reviews. Consider where you already have reviews and the type of audience.

5. Don’t ignore negative reviews: Your consumers will read negative reviews. You should reduce the impact by getting more positive reviews and by also responding to the negative ones positively and publicly. Turn a negative situation into a positive one, and NEVER attack the reviewer.

6. Educate and Incentivize Staff: Make it easier to understand. E.g. “more reviews = more business = more job security.” Also make the reviews more worth their while with career progression.

Leveraging Reputation: Use twitter, email marketing, or other reputation aspects into marketing.