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Quick Summary

Take Action: Think about humans: deliver content that solves the user’s problems and delivers what they are actually looking for.

Search is not linear. It’s actually a complex system with lot of steps. Google doesn’t buy your shit. People do. Understand how people go from click to buying.

Build trust with your customers:

Provide Value: Because ultimately marketing amplifies; it doesn’t fix a bad product.

Set Expectations: The brain reacts based on what it expects. It likes being able to predict what the experience is going to be like.

Brand Matters: When looking for products, people skip google and go to Amazon because they trust it right away. People will add “reddit” to review searches because they trust the brand. People look at forums like Quora.com to get more information about brands.

Go Where the People Are: Look for advertising opportunities on content that already ranks.

Complete Your Content: Answer the questions your customers actually have, or someone else will! Don’t build 10 different pages; build one comprehensive page that walks the user through the whole process.

Understand Intent: Why does my page not rank for my target keyword? It’s because it’s not delivering what the customers want.