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Quick Summary

Take Action: Position yourself intentionally based on what makes you special.

Even a world-renowned violinist can be unappreciated in the setting of NYC subway station. It’s not just that the audience was busy… but the artist was sabotaged by his context. If you put the product in the wrong context, people can’t figure it out. And despite this common dilemma, we rarely set context deliberately.

Don’t use cookie-cutter templates for giving context to your audience. You can write crap down, but it’s still crap.

The 4 Styles of Positioning

1. Arm wrestling: Be stronger than the leader in your category. Risk: you need time & money.

2. Big Fish, Smaller Pond: Be the leader in a sub-sector of an existing market. Risk: The leader matches your offering.

3. Reframe the Market: Through innovation, teach people that the way they frame the market is wrong. Risk: the leader positions your innovation as a feature.

4. Change the Game: Invent a new market. Risk: Adjacent category leaders try to subsume your category / fast followers beat you before you are established as leader.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.