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Quick Summary

Take Action: Increase conversions by delivering a better digital experience for your customers with personalization.

Customers expect great experiences and have no time for crappy ones. Personalize your website for your customer.

3 blocks to your audience:

Context: What is unique about the visitor right now?
E.g. referral source, device/browser, new or returning visitor, UTM source

Case study: Secret Escapes had a high click-through rate to their landing page, but low conversion rate. By personalizing the background image and some text, they increased their conversions by 32%

Behaviour: What is the visitor doing?
E.g. Downloaded content, viewed a page twice, abandoned a cart, read specific content category

Case study: Brooks Running wanted to decrease returns. People were ordering 2 different sizes of the same shoes to try them on. They responded with a personalized message to set up a fitting. This action decreased returns by 80% and increased conversions 2%.

Demographic: Who is the visitor?
Industry, location, gender, company size

Case study: Citrix Changed a default experience to a customized one for each verticles, ie. education. They saw a 30% increase in clicks.

Optimizely customized the homepage based on who was visiting, based on their vertical, or even the time of day.

Tips for designing the experience:

Location: Where on the page is the experience? Put circles on the things you can personalize.

Content: What is the message? Tailor your message based on their behavior and demographics. It’s better to leave it ad-lib style, so you only have to change small bits of the content.

Measure: How is it performing? People tweeted pictures of their homepage.1.5% increase in engagement, and a 113% increase in visits to solution page, and 117% increase in starts account

Tips to get it done:

→ Don’t create too many audiences
→ Treat these experiences as hypotheses
→ Do it because it’s valuable, not because you can. Otherwise it is creepy.