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A Simple Parallax Scrolling Tutorial for Everyone

Are you interested in coding a parallax scrolling website? I guarantee you’ll be able to code simple parallax scrolling website after you watch this step-by-step tutorial. I have decided to create this tutorial for junior developers who are still learning front-end development with limited HTML and CSS Knowledge. The goal of this tutorial is to provide step by step [...]

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Uber Offering Free Rides for InboundCon!

For those of you attending InboundCon, you will need to make arrangements to get to the St. James Conference Centre, located in the bustling downtown Toronto area. What better way to arrive than comfortably in a high-class vehicle, courtesy of Uber. To make sure you make it to the conference easily and in style, Powered by Search [...]

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5 Awesome Ways to Figure Out Your Audience Demographics

Marketing without without carefully targeting your prospects is basically just guesswork. If you’re speaking to the wrong people, you’re just wasting your marketing budget. Don’t get lost in the dark, here’s how to figure out your audience demographics:   Thanks for watching! Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need more digital marketing help. [...]

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Using Instagram for Business (The Unfair Advantage)

Hashtags, filters, short videos, oh my! Instagram is like a virtual playground for digital marketers, but are you truly playing to the platform’s strengths? It’s to get one over your competitors, find out how to gain an unfair advantage with our Instagram for businesses video:   Thanks for watching! If you’d like some more help [...]

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What You Need To Know About Hangouts In Less Than 4 Mins

If you still think instant messaging is some sort of teenage fad, you’re probably a dinosaur! But that’s OK, even dinosaurs can learn. Google Hangouts can be used for so much more than silly emotions and small talk, and here’s how:   Thanks for watching! If you want some help with your digital marketing efforts, [...]

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How To Create A Subject Line That Works for Email Marketing

Contrary to some myths, email marketing is not dead at all. It’s actually one of the best ways of engaging your audience! The challenging part of email marketing is making sure that your email actually gets opened, but what’s life without a bit of a challenge? Learn how to create irresistible email subject lines in [...]

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