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7 Reasons You Need The Marketer’s Guide To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great professional tool, for not only individuals but businesses as well. Here are 7 reasons to download The Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and start incorporating the professional networking site into your marketing strategy. 1. Reap the benefits of inbound marketing LinkedIn is an easy way to advertise your business according to the [...]

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Masters of Inbound Marketing: Shopify Part 2 – Blog Micro Study

This is the second and final part of our Masters of Inbound Marketing feature on Shopify. Don’t forget to check out part 1 for a deeper understanding of the e-commerce giant. You may already know that Shopify is awesome. The company’s massive growth is supremely impressive and there seems to be no end in sight. [...]

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1+1=11: The Power of the Second Screen Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketers are faced with a challenge of multi-screen consumer engagement. Whether multiple devices are used simultaneously or sequentially, people utilize them to be more productive, learn new information and socialize. By observing user behaviors, you can get valuable insight about the content that your audience will like and engage with. So, what techniques [...]

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Guide to Google Analytics: Video Tutorial

The latest addition to the Powered by Search YouTube channel is a video explaining Google Analytics for the year 2014. New additions have been explained and old ones have been touched as well. Humans are visual characters, for this reason we created a video tutorial explaining everything you need to know about navigating through your [...]

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Top Three “New” SEO Strategies for 2014

It seems barely a few weeks can go by without yet another panic rippling through the SEO sector, usually over some anticipated crackdown by Google on a tried and trusted link-building strategy. And the chief instigator of these waves of paranoia? The one and only, Matt Cutts. Oh, it’s no good. I love you really Matt. I can’t [...]

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20 Awesome Nonprofit Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Ongoing learning and professional development is critical for nonprofit marketers. You are expected to be knowledgeable in everything from strategy, data and digital media, to copywriting, branding and market research. Fortunately, the number of quality nonprofit marketing blogs is large and growing, offering you a constant stream of free continuing education. Freshen up your email [...]

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