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Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Video SEO (06/10/14)

Welcome to our Tuesday Mashup! Videos, similar to your websites, can just as easily get lost in the world of the Internet.  Today we’ve gathered some of the surefire ways to make your videos fully search engine optimized. YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide by Brian Dean YouTube, being the second largest search engine, is an untapped traffic [...]

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Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Creating the Ultimate UX (06/09/14)

Waking up after a great weekend can be hard. Take a break from your day to catch up on the latest tips for creating the ultimate user experience to help you get ahead in the world of inbound marketing! 3 UX Considerations You Might Be Forgetting by Joe Darnell Along with steering your user in the right direction, the UX goes beyond [...]

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Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Guest Blogging (06/06/14)

Happy Friday! To end the week, today we cover how guest blogging can help you build links to your site and how to develop guest blogging relationships. 6 Benefits of Guest Posting Over Blog Commenting by Nikhil Ganotra The likes of guest blogging and commenting are useful for getting those SEO-boosting backlinks. But when considering [...]

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Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Keyword Research (06/05/14)

SEO is nothing without your keywords. It literally is the key for your visitors to find your website. Today’s Mashup has got the breakdown on some of the greatest and latest on keyword research The Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research For Ecommerce by Richard Lazazzera The fundamentals of SEO stem off into many components that [...]

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Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Mobile Mania (06/04/14)

Wednesday’s can be a little rough (we know), but the Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup is here to save the day!  Catch up on some quick reading  to master mobile marketing, and help you get over that mid-week hump in the meantime. Mobile Is Dominating The Consumer Purchase Decision Process, According To New Study by Matt Southern Findings from the 3rd [...]

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Forest or Trees? When an SEO Project Becomes a Local SEO Project

How to know when you have a local SEO project and what to do. Local SEO is often camouflaged in the forest of SEO.  While Local SEO is a form of Search Engine Optimization, the tactics to achieve better local search rankings can differ and require a different focus. In recent years and through this very [...]

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