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My 8 Secrets for Creating Shareable Content on Facebook

You know the saying “Silence is golden”?  Well … the exact opposite is true for Facebook. There is nothing worse than putting great content on Facebook and getting silence in return. To put an end to the silence, we need to get real discussion and engagement going on. When your Facebook posts have more engagement, Facebook shows [...]

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Learn How To Optimize Your Robots.txt File In 5 Minutes

So you want to become a robots.txt rockstar eh? Well, before you can make those web spiders dance to your rhythm, there are a few basic principles that you should be familiar with. Create your robots.txt file incorrectly and you will be in a world of hurt. Do it properly and the search engines will [...]

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Weekly Inbound Marketing Mashup: CRO Craze (07/10/14)

Friday is right around the corner, and we know you’re busy getting tasks done before the week ends. Take a break before your head aches to check out this week’s Mashup featuring the latest news on how to optimize and achieve better conversion rates! CRO is an extremely important aspect of inbound marketing, and cannot be ignored. How To Achieve Better Conversion [...]

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How to Create a Great Infographic with No Design Skills

Infographics are a fantastic way of marketing your business online. Considering that approximately 65% of people are visual learners, most Internet users prefer to have visual representations of data. By presenting information in a concise, easy-to-understand and eye-catching way, you can draw the attention of your buyer personas and achieve your marketing goals. Unfortunately, combining useful data with [...]

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15 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

If you’re involved in the world of digital marketing, you should never surf the web without your trusty toolbox! There are roughly a bajillion tools to help you get the job done, but how do you know which ones stand out? Never fear, our handy little guide is here to help. From SEO tools to inspirational [...]

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Beginners Guide to Majestic SEO (Video Tutorial)

Majestic SEO is an excellent tool for link builders for performing a backlink analysis of competitors sites. It gives a lot of useful data and can be look at as a whole suite of tools. Below is a beginners Majestic SEO tutorial that gives details on which information the tool provides and how to interpret [...]

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